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About Us

Since its establishment in 1993, Diamond Pest Control has been known for its flawless service. Founded by Mr. Biplab Kar and Mrs. Anjana Kar, we are famous for our convenient and hassle free services . We provide consultancy, management and services for the most effective pest control. And to achieve this end, new and improved pest control management services are used by us. Our services are offered for households, commercial and industrial establishments. We are specialized in herbal treatment to get rid off cockroaches and termite treatment.

Our team of expert professionals manage pests and pest related problems competently. Proper inspection of the affected area is carried out by our team to identify the pest. Unless and until the pest is identified, proper steps for its eradication cannot be taken. We also consider the level of infection to work accordingly and thus guarantee complete satisfaction to our customers.

We also render a wide range of housekeeping as well as cleaning services which include support staffs, carpet and upholstery cleaning staffs, cleaning staffs, office peons etc. Our team of housekeeping staffs are efficient and reliable. These services are available for residences as well as corporate sectors. The services we impart are completed within the allotted time frame by our team and are cost- effective. Our services can also be customized according to the requirements of the clients.


Founded by Mr. Biplab Kar and Mrs. Anjana Kar, Diamond Pest Control has been providing the best pest control services since 1993.They are specialized in herbal cockroach treatment and termite treatment. Their services are convenient and hassle free. They also render reliable house keeping services.

  Mr. Biplab Kar, Mrs. Anjana Kar
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